The Wright Brothers

by Luke from Suwanee

"The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who, in their grueling travels across trackless lands in prehistoric times, looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space, at full speed, above all obstacles, on the infinite highway of the air" -Orville Wright. The Wright Brothers, also known as "The Fathers of Modern Aviation" invented the airplane, which made travel faster so it only took a few hours to reach a destination which at the time was fastest by boat and took weeks or months, or the train, which was expensive and took days. The Wright Brothers are heroic because they did what nobody else could achieve, making human flight possible. Because of their self-confidence and strong bond, which allowed for teamwork, they could confidently reject each other's ideas when they saw flaws in them.

The biggest influence on their lives' were their parents. Their parents encouraged them to learn and to be curious, and they taught their children to be confident in themselves. Also they got inspiration from a flying toy they had when they were young that resembled a modern helicopter, and while it broke, the boys always remembered that last flight. They also owned a bicycle shop at one point and they based the first airplane design off of bicycle functions. Not only did they have ample inspiration everywhere in their lives, they also showed boldness and optimism.

1905 Wright Glider with Orville at the controls ( ())
1905 Wright Glider with Orville at the controls ( ())

The Wright Brothers are heroic because they showed dedication and intrepidity. At the time when the brothers were trying to achieve flight, the fastest way to travel was by boat, and this could take weeks or even months. With the airplane we can now get places that took weeks or months to reach in a few hours, thanks to the Wright Brothers. According to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, " The Wright Brothers started trying to achieve flight in 1899. They did not succeed until 1905. So they kept trying over and over to achieve this goal for almost 7 years!" This shows that they were dedicated because it takes real commitment to pursue a single goal for 6 years and not just give up and walk away. The website also said: "The Wrights supportive homelife provided Wilbur and Orville with a strong belief in themselves. This self-confidence enabled them to reject the theories of well-known and more experienced aeronautical experimenter when the brothers felt their own ideas were correct" (National Smithsonian Air and Space Museum). This quote shows that they were intrepid because of their confidence. This confidence is what made them so bold and daring. In conclusion, this dedication and patience, and intrepidity and boldness helped them achieve their goal and made them heroes to many, because these traits lead to optimism and persistence, which helped them avoid giving up. () ()
The Wright Brothers changed history forever with the airplane. The first airplanes, the Wright Gliders, couldn't go more than a few feet, but modern airplanes can go around the world in half a day or less. Some modern airplanes can go faster than the speed of sound! Maybe they will eventually make airplanes that can go around the world in one flight, or who knows? Maybe airplanes will exist that can go into space? No matter what, the Wright Brothers have made a lasting impact on history by allowing people to get goods, products, etc. wherever they needed to get quicker.

The Wright brothers are heroic because they showed that they were able to do what others couldn't. They were confident and cooperative, so they made an excellent team. They were also committed to what they did, and they were bold and they did what they did confidently. Like Orville said, our ancestors had tried for so long while looking enviously at the birds soaring across the sky, and then the Wright Brothers made what the birds did possible for human beings.

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