The Wright Brothers

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My hero or Renaissance people that I chose are the Wright Brothers. I chose them because they created the first airplane. Also what they created we still use today in our lives.They are Renaissance people because they used science and technology. So read the rest to find out more about the Wright Brothers and what they did.

Wilbur was born in 1867 and his brother Orville was born in 1871. They lived on 7 Hawthorn Street in Dayton, Ohio. Their mother lived on a farm in Indiana. Their father was a minister for the Church of United Britain. Wilbur and Orville both have a young sister. They both worked, played and thought together. When they got older they got a bike shop. Then lived with their unmarried sister and widowed father in a modest farm house in Dayton Ohio. They also never went to college but they finished high school. () ()

Here is when and how they planned to make their airplane. They found the ideas of Otto Lilienthal and the glider that he created. But what they did was they made it longer and wider to support the weight. Their airplane took a long time to build and a lot of math and engineering to make it. The main parts of the plane were made of white canvas, and cables and thin boards. They used their hips to move the rudder which made the plane go side to side. Also, a small wooden lever attached to the elevator made the plane go up and down. The last thing they used were bike bearings to roll on planks for take off. They used a small 12 hp engine.

The Wright Brothers pushed the limits of science and technology by... They made their own four cylinder 12 hp engine out of aluminum. It only weighed 179 lbs. They also made two propellers out of aluminum. The gas tank on the airplane had a hose running to the engine and the gas drained through the hose to the engine. Their engine had a long home made muffler connected to the plane and engine. The side that the engine was on the wing. To compensate for the weight of the engine. They flew four times and they went farther every time. However, on the fourth time the plane flew 59 seconds and then it crashed. Their bike shop turned into an airplane shop. The planes that they made could only hold one pilot and one passenger.

In 2013 people view the world as a better place because there are airplanes. People think it is a better world because we can travel in airplanes, Instead of just cars, and trucks, and trains, and by ships to different places in the world. If it took a plane 8 hours to get to North Dakota and then it would take a couple days in a car.

This is how they contribute to the world. There ideas contribute to the world helped us in our everyday lives. Also for transporting reasons for work or vacations. Also don't forget the contribution to the army and all of the planes for World War One and Two would it have taken longer. So think about their ideas towards airplanes.

Now in what you all read, do you think so? So now when you see any kind of airplane, remember the Wright Brothers, and what they created for us. I hope you liked my biography about the Wright Brothers, and how I think that they are Renaissance people. Thank you and have a good day!

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