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Charles Xavier

by Michael from Maryland

<a href=>Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier</a>
Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier

Even though Charles Xavier is a fictional character, he is one of my heroes. In his world, there are two species of humans, the normal people, who are just regular, and the mutants, who are people born with special abilities. The humans do not like the mutants. They are racist against them. Sometimes mutants are not allowed to go to public schools or stores. Many mutant children run away from home. There are a lot of jobless mutants. It is a very dark time.

Charles Xavier is a mutant. He has telepathic powers, which means he can read minds, communicate telepathically, and control your thoughts. His powers started to emerge when he was in school as a young boy. The only sign that he was a mutant was that he was going bald. He was 16 when he started college. When he was 18 (and completely bald) he finished college. He was very brilliant. He studied human genes and mutations. He believed that mutants should have equal rights. After college he decided to travel the world.

In Cairo, Egypt, he encountered Amahl Farouk, a mutant capable of summoning forth the darkness in the souls of others. He also had telepathic powers similar to Xavier. He called himself the Shadow King. He and Xavier became bitter enemies the moment they saw each other. They used their telekinetic powers to go to the "Astral Plane" which is a another dimension. They fought and Xavier won. After their battle, Xavier dedicated his life to stop the evil mutants from harming the innocent. After Egypt, he traveled to Israel where he met a mutant named Eric Lensher. He could control magnetic fields. Charles and Eric shared the same views on mutant freedom. They became good friends.

En route to the United States, Charles encountered the alien scout Lucifer in the Himalayas. Lucifer planned on conquering the planet for his planet to enslave. Xavier gathered a group of humans and mutants and he led a revolt against the tyrant. There were many battles between Xavier and Lucifer. In their last battle, Lucifer decided to prevent any interference in his race’s planned invasion of Earth, he had to kill Xavier, even though he wished to mind control him to join his army. Lucifer dropped a massive stone block on Charles, but instead of killing him it crippled his legs. Lucifer fled to his home planet for further planning. Xavier must now use a wheelchair to get around.

He then returned to his New York estate. He began thinking about the mutant children that are being outcast for society. He decided he would open his mansion as a school for mutants. He contacted his friend Eric and told him about his idea. Together they made a machine called Cerebro. This would amplify Xavier's Psy powers to find young mutants to offer an education and a home to. He accepted many students to his school. It was Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, A boarding school for students with gifts, what the public did not know was that the gifts this children had were powers. Shortly after the school's opening, Eric left to go back to his family, for his son was being born. There are many students with many different abilities at the school. Xavier decided the students had to learn how to use their gifts. In the sub-basement, he built a room called the "Danger Room". It was a room that could generate interactive holograms for them to fight. The students then would go into public and fight for Xavier's dream of stopping evil mutants from harming the innocent. They called themselves the X-men after their teacher Charles Xavier.

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