Yu Kwan Soon

by Heeyeon Jo from Auckland

Yu Kwan-soon (also Yu Gwansun), the Korean "Joan of Arc"
Yu Kwan Soon (
Yu Kwan Soon (

My hero is Yu Kwan Soon. She lived in South Korea. She is a hero. Korean people call her ‘The Korean Joan of Arc’. She was the first woman who independently fought with the Japanese people. She was really brave and expressed her opinion to Japan.

On 1st March in 1920 the March First Independence Movement started. That day the Japanese people knew about ‘Kwan Soon’, who was the leader of the Independence Movement. The Japanese people were angry because they wanted to take Korea. They caught ‘Kwan Soon’ and tortured her, but she did not care and yelled, “Korea will become independent!”

She is important to me because when she died, she said, “I am fine when my arms and legs are broken but if I lost my country I will go crazy!” She is famous. Korean people respect her brave mind. My Grandmother, whose father also lived when the war occurred, said “The Korean people were really scared and someone was crying; someone was fighting with them. That someone was ‘Kwan Soon’. I am really proud of Kwan Soon. Nowadays, we like Japan and Japanese people.

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