Yuan Tseh Lee

by Steven from Taichung

Yuan-Tseh Lee (1936/11/29) the first Taiwanese person to be awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Famous saying: "The man who is respected, not for what prize he receives, but for his effort. As long as a person working hard and dedicating himself to the community, then he is the really great man."

Contributions to chemistry: Yuan-Tseh Lee liked to ponder independently when he was little, so he wasn't appreciated by the teachers. However, he never changed his steps to follow others. In order to be a "good person" and "competent person", he used almost all his pocket money his parents gave him to buy many books. By reading a lot, his vision became wider and brighter. One day, his father gave him a book called "Marie Curie". The book influenced his life, which made him decide to choose Marie Curie's occupation - Chemistry. He went to Tsing Hua University, then he began his chemistry research life. Five years after he graduated, he entered Harvard University to continue his research. About 39 years old, he was a candidate to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and he showed interests in ion-molecule reactions and the dynamics of molecular scattering, especially in crossed molecular beam studies of reaction dynamics. Two years later, he invented the first Crossed Molecular Beam Instrument, being famous as the Mozart of Physics and Chemistry for that. In 1986, he was awarded the Nobel Prize In Chemistry.

Dedication to Taiwan (1) He organized the Atomics and Physics Institute for advancing the Materials Surface, Optical Science and Bio-analytical. (2) Served as the chairman of an Education Reform commission. (3) Organized Yuan Tseh Lee Science Education Foundation.
1. Sponsor of the research about science education.
2. Managed the activities about science education.
3. Commend the person or teams who have contributions or inventions for science education.
4. Promoted the developing of International cooperation about science education.

Conclusion After reading Yuan-Tseh Lee's life story and what he has done, I have more understanding about him. He is a great scientist and a good reformer. He has made many contributions to Taiwan. He dedicates himself to science and society with all his life. When he was working hard on his researches, he still didn't forget to reward our country. He is an important man in Taiwan, and I have learned a lot from this project. Yuan-Tseh Lee is a real hero in the word.

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