Ying-Man Liao

by Yu Xuan from PingTung, Taiwan

Aunt & I
Aunt & I

I. Introduction:
I want to introduce my hero to you. She is our attendant of the canteen, and she just is like our aunt or good friend.
I want to introduce her because she has patience, love, and care about the students in PTGSH. Every time, when I go to the canteen, I can see her smile. It lets me have good mood.
She likes to talk to students, and we love to chat with her, too. I am sure that if she didn’t work in the canteen any more, the canteen would not be complete, because she has been a part of our living.

Joyce & aunt
Joyce & aunt

II. Interview:
Q1. What’s your name?
Ying-Man Liao
Q2. What did you do before coming to PTGSH?
 I was an attendant of a cram school. After a few years, I sold books in some places.
Q3. Have you ever changed the wrong money?
 Yes, I did it one time. But thanks for our students’ honesty, they told me at once. So I didn’t have any loss. There is one thing I always believe: If you were honest to people, everyone would also be honest to you.
Q4. Have you ever received false money?
 Yes, when I went to a bank to change money one day, I found one hundred false dollars in the bag. But I still believed it wasn’t the students’ error. My students even didn’t know they took a false bill to me.
Q5. How long have you been at PTGSH, and how you feel about the students of here?
 I’ve been here for three years. And I like the students. They are innocent、simple, and as enthusiastic as the weather here.
Q6. What do you want do tell to these students?
I really like all of you. You are not only my friends but also my children. I hope you can achieve the goals you want, and keep being enthusiastic to do everything.

III. Conclusion:
I really like Aunt Liao. She has her special voice. Sometimes we even imitate it to her, and she feels funny and happy with us. She always smiles as a beautiful flower. Perhaps there once was something bad to her; she has also faced it bravely. At anytime, she has a kind heart and optimistic mood. I never see her lose her temper. There are many things I can learn from her, such as kind heart, attitude. We see her as a part of us. If she were not in our school, we would lose a good friend, a hero.

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