Yulia Nesterenko

by Marina from Brest () ()

Everybody has his or her hero. As for me, it is my compatriot, Yulia Nesterenko. () ()

Our Belarusian athlete won her first gold medal in 100-meter run in the Olympic Game in Athens in 2004. And it was not her last medal! We really and truly call this fragile young woman a hero. And the reason for this is not only connected with her medals but with her diligence, strength of mind and will, ability to achieve the most improbable objectives in life! And on her way to her dream she met some defeats and failures, but she went on refining herself, trying, fighting for the dream and never gave up. Yulia deserves to be praises!

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I don't play professional sports, but I want to follow Yulia's example of making dreams come true, of overcoming life difficulties, no matter how insuperable they are.

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