Yuliya Voznesenskaya

by Alina from Minsk

Yuliya Voznesenskaya<br> (
Yuliya Voznesenskaya

My hero is Yuliya N. Voznesenskaya. She was born in 1940. Yuliya Voznesenskaya is a writer who writes in a new literary genre – Christian fantasy. She has lived in Berlin since 2002. Yuliya Voznesenskaya is important to me because she teaches me and other people that there is not only our life, but the after-life too.

My Adventures after Death<br> (
My Adventures after Death

She writes about the things that happen to people after death, what might happen with each of us. She writes what Orthodox Church teaches people about.

I used to be afraid of death but after I read a book “My Adventures after Death” by Yulia Voznesenskaya, I stopped being afraid of it. Yuliya Voznesenskaya taught me not to be afraid of death because there is nothing frightening in it. People live and die; it is a rule that cannot be changed.

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