Jerry Yang and David Filo

by Taylor from New York


Jerry Yang and David Filo are heroes because they are the creators of Yahoo! They created a way to surf the net easier called Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web. But later Jerry Yang decided that David Filo did as much of the work as himself, so they renamed it Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web, which was the start of Yahoo! Yahoo! made the internet more organized and easier to surf.

Jerry Yang was born in Taipei, Taiwan, but at age ten he moved to California. His original name is Yang Chich-Yuan, but after being adopted he was renamed Jerry Yang. Yang was a straight “A” student. In 1990 he devoted himself to the internet. For college he went to Stanford University. Jerry Yang met David Filo at the Kyoto- in- Stanford during an exchange program. After they became friends they didn’t know that they would soon start a big internet organization program. At the exchange program they both studied at the Center for Technology and Innovation (also called SCTI). David Filo is from Moss Bluff, Louisiana. He went to Tulane University for college. After he got his master degree he went to Stanford with Yang. Yang and Filo hoped to get their Ph.D.’s in electrical engineering. At the time, they were developing ideas on how to improve the production of computer chips. They were also studying electronic computer-aided design. After meeting in Kyoto they took a sabbatical in Italy together. This was Jerry Yang and David Filo’s early life, and how they met.

Jerry Yang and David Filo had many challenges during school and while creating Yahoo!. One thing was, before their sabbatical in Italy, they weren’t interested in going to school anymore; they thought that it was boring. All they wanted to do was surf the net and work on Yahoo!. Also, America Online, Microsoft, and Prodigy wanted to buy them out to get the attention that Yahoo! had. In addition, Yahoo!’s stock crashed they were affected, but luckily not enough to slow their business down. Yahoo!, a great internet business had some struggles along the way of become big, and popular.

Yahoo! also had some immense contributions to the internet and to Stanford University after attending there. One thing was they invented a way to make the internet more organized. Also, they bought out GeoCities and Hot Jobs to provide the services that those internet businesses offered. Yahoo! currently has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and Canada. Another thing Jerry and David did was donated $2,000,000 to Stanford University for helping them succeed in the internet business. Yang and Filo were inspired to create Yahoo! from the internet company Mosaic which they were fans of before they started their business. As you can see, Yahoo! is much larger than when Jerry and David started Yahoo! from their college dorm room at Stanford just as a fun thing to do in their spare time.

Jerry and David have many awards and some recognitions. Yang along with Filo got their Bachelor of Science degree (BS). Yang got his degree at Stanford University, but Filo got his at Tulane University. They both got their masters degree, again Jerry got his at Stanford, and David got his at Tulane. David got his master degree in 1994. He also got his master in electrical engineering. Jerry got an electrical engineering degree in 1990 along with some other of his degrees. Yang and Filo are known as internet pioneers. As you can see, Yang and Filo accomplished numerous things in college.

Here are ways I would describe Jerry Yang and David Filo. One way is that they are very smart. For example, they created one of the world’s most successful internet businesses. Another example is they both got three degrees in college. Another way is that they are very confident. An example is they thought they could redo an office for a little amount of money. Also, they thought they could start a business with $2,000,000. They are also both very energetic. They love playing foosball together, so they put a foosball table in their office so they could play it at work and they did, during all of their free time. They are also funny, they once created a commercial that used a giant fish, and they also like to make their commercials entertaining so that more people will watch them. These are the ways I would describe Jerry Yang and David Filo.

As you can see, David Filo and Jerry Yang are heroes because they created a booming internet business. Also, they made the internet easier to surf, and more organized, and they enjoyed every part of it. "I'm having a great time. This is the best job I've ever had, actually, it's the only job I've ever had," Jerry Yang once said.

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