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by Leah from Glenbrook Middle School

"Strong legs, soft hands, kind hearts" - Meadowview
Arabian Horse (
Arabian Horse (

Have you ever heard the saying, “Friends come from the strangest places”? I have heard it, and I believe it. I learned that heroes come from strange places too. My hero is not an actor, a friend, a sister or brother, a parent, or a family member. My hero is a horse. His name is Yankee. Yankee is my hero for a number of reasons. Yankee taught me a lot. When I first started riding him I was a beginner. Now I am an intermediate rider, and I learned a lot of my skills on him. The other reason Yankee is my hero is that he had patience.

Now as I look back upon my time riding him I realize how good he was to me. He had patience. Yankee was old, he had experience, and he probably knew every trick in the book. He was a good horse. He never tried to trick me. He never bucked, and he never tried to hurt me. He was a safe horse to ride and I love him.

Yankee was an Arabian. Arabians are a breed of horses. They are known for their great level of intelligence. Arabians have a lot of stamina, and are one of my favorite breeds. Arabians are one of the oldest horse breeds. Yankee was one of a kind.

I have ridden horses that have taught me a lot. If you asked me right now who my favorite horse was I would say Yankee. He taught me some of my basic riding skills. He made me the rider I am today. Some riders are afraid, I was never afraid of Yankee. I always knew I could trust him. What I didn’t know was the future.

I remember it vividly. One day I left the barn Yankee was at and I had no clue it would be the last time I walked through that barn. When I found out that I was going to ride at a different barn, I didn’t think about never seeing Yankee again. I was little, and I didn’t think about those things. I loved my new barn. People were nice, and I liked the horses. I remember when I found out that Yankee died. I walked into the tack shop. I saw some of my friends from Yankee’s barn. We started talking about the lesson horses. When I asked about Yankee they went silent. That’s when I knew that Yankee was dead. Yankee died of colic.


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