Animals Heroes


by Faith from Eagle

My hero is my stuffed shnook. It has fluffy hair and a cute and happy smile and keeps you happy no matter what. Pretty much every time I look at her or any of my other shnooks, I can't help smiling. Yengo definitely makes me happiest. She has the biggest, happiest, sweetest smile in the whole world.

When I'm sad, and I see a shnook, I smile and find a positive side to what I'm sad about. It's very helpful because then I'm not sad about it anymore, and if someone else is sad about it too, I can tell them that. For example: Once, I was sad because my dad was going to China for three weeks. I missed him, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to call him because I didn't think phones worked from America to Asia. I saw a smile on Yengo's face and thought maybe my dad would bring something after those three weeks. Maybe phones did work from America to Asia. I told my mom the same thing and sure enough, the next day, my dad called and my mom and I could talk to him. I was really happy about it.

My hero lives right with me in my home. Sometimes I play with her and her five other friends. But sometimes she just sits in my stuffed animal box.

Yengo will probably live forever unless she's burned or thrown away. When I'm an adult, I'll give it to a kid who needs to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy, and have something that makes them happy.

This hero is important to me because it makes me happy when I'm sad, and its hair is fun to brush and play with. Yengo has made a difference in my life because it's easier for me to find a positive in things. Plus she's entertaining because she's a toy, and FLUFFY!!!

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