Yosephine K.

by Yovita from Jakarta

Do you know who is my hero? Her name is Yosephine Kartika Priscillia. Have you ever heard that name? I’m sure you never heard that name. Why? Because she is not a famous person. But she is a special person in my life.

My hero is my sister. She is 2 years older than me. She was born in Jakarta on 17 April 1987. Now she is 19 years old. When she was 4 years old, she entered her first school at St. Fransiskus. She studied there until she was 15 yeras old. And then she continued her study at Fons Vitae Senior High School. After she graduated, she decided to study abroad. My parents suggested she study in Malaysia. According to them, there is a famous university there. And now, she is studying at Monash University in Kuala Lumpur. She is taking International Business.

When we were children, we often played together and sometimes we fought just because of a little mistake. On the first day she took her class, she was crying loudly and didn’t want to study without my mother beside her. After a few years, she became an active girl and sometimes she was naughty. But, she also became a beautiful girl. When I was 4 years old, I started to go to school. Everd day, we went to school together. We did many activities together. We even we took our baths together. Our mother never compared us. When we were children, our things were the same. We used the same bags, shoes, clothes, tooth brush and many things. Maybe the difference was only on the colour. We often changed our things if we were bored. Our clothes and shoes sizes were same. Many people said that she and I were like twins because our behaviors were alike.

Although our perfomances were alike, we had different personalities. For example, she is more talkactive than me. When we became teenagers, we often shared with each other. She told about her school, what she had done, her friends, and also the boy she liked. If there was a problem, she shared with me although I couldn’t give solutions to her. We usually shared our stories when we went to sleep. She was a good storyteller and a good listener. Like other teenagers, most of our problems were about love. When teenagers, our mother didn’t choose our clothes and our things, like she did when we were children. We could decide it ourselves. Usually, on weekends, we went to shopping centres together. We played at Timezone, watched movies, and bought clothes. I liked to go shopping with her because she could give me some advice in choosing goods. Although we were not children anymore, we still fought, but our fighting was not more than one day. On the next day, we will have forgotten that fight.

When she was in third grade in Senior High School, she was confused about where she would continue her study. At first, she was afraid, if she had to leave this country. She didn’t want to leave her family and her friends. But finally she decided to study abroad. Do you know who is the person she did not want to leave? The answer is our grandmother. My sister and I love her very much. My sister and my grandmother were crying together on the day she had to go. After she had gone, I felt lonely. My mother was feeling lonely too. I felt that I have just lost the most special person in my life. We communicated by phone and e-mail. 6 months later, she came back here to have Christmas with us. I was really happy. She bought me many good things from Malaysia. Now, she has studied there one year. She is very busy. Sometimes she calls me. I really miss her. Now, do you know why she become my hero? I’ll tell you. I admire her as my hero because she was my true friend and always will be my true friend. She is the person I want to share my days with, she is the person I go with on weekends, she is the person who always helps me and supports me and the important thing is that she never lets me be alone.

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