Yosua Yurinawan Dhirmanto

by Yuliana from Jakarta

Welcome!! Welcome to my story… I will tell you about an amazing person. I’m sure you will think I will tell you about presidents, inventors, or maybe artists. No. I will talk about someone who will be famous someday. I’m sure. Who is the person??

Yosua Yurinawan Dhirmanto (private collection)
Yosua Yurinawan Dhirmanto (private collection)

Yosua Yurinawan Dhirmanto is a great person. He is friendly, humorous, nice, handsome, and active in many activities, not only in his company but also in religious organizations. He is a businessman and also a motivator. As a businessman, he has been working for six years in an international company in Jakarta. He often was being invited to many motivation and religious seminars.

Ok, why is he very special and why do I choose him to be my hero?

His life stories are the answer. There are a lot of things that happened in his life. It started when he joined an international company in 2000. He worked hard so he got great results from it.

In 2002, he was given an award as a young director in South-East Asia at that time from his company. He was 20 years old when he received that award. What an amazing achievement!

In 2003, he became a speaker in a seminar which was held in three cities in Indonesia. The seminar was attended by one thousand to two thousand people. The participants of that seminar were not only young adults but also professional people, such as doctors, professors, and others professionals.

One of his dreams is to travel around the world and until now, he has gone to many countries in the world. Maybe all of you think that it is an ordinary thing. But you will be surprised if I say that he went abroad for free. He did not spend a penny. Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, East Europe, and Australia are the countries that he visited.

His vision and mission is to maximize people’s potential, especially young adults. To fulfill it, he motivates people and he tries to be an international motivator to keep his vision and mission alive.

Nowadays, he is one of commissioners in Network 2000 (N2000). N2000 is a support system organization. He led more or less six thousand people until 2005 and the numbers always increase as time goes by. As a leader, he has good leadership skills so he can do his job well. Besides that, he is still a motivator. This year, he will be invited to seminars in Padang and Jambi.

People around him, usually called him “Man of Grace.” Why is he called that? Because Yosua thinks what he has now is based on God’s permission. He always thinks that all he has are gifts from GOD. That he can succeed in everything he does, was given awards as young director, and he can travel to many countries, is believed to be a big gift from GOD. “Without GOD I’m nothing,” is his life motto. He always hangs his hope on GOD. Whenever he is in a good or bad situation, he always believes that GOD will give the best for his life. All of his achievements, he presents only for glorifying GOD. Many questions come from people who ask, what is the secret that made him successful in his youth? And you want to know what answer he has given?

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