Angus Young

by Wigwam from Greensboro

Angus Young is my hero. He is my hero because he is a great guitarist and one day I would like to be as good as him. Anther reason he is my hero is because he is in one of my favorite bands: AC/DC. He is the lead guitarist for the band. My favorite song he plays is, “What do Ya do For Money.” One day I would like to be able to play his songs.

I also admire Angus Young because he got into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. I also like the way he dresses on stage during concerts. He wears a school boy outfit, which I find very funny. Another thing I wish I could do, that he did, would be teaching myself how to play the guitar. I find it hard enough to learn by taking lessons.

Another thing he does which I think is cool is he dances on stage while playing the guitar. One move he does is he gets on the floor and spins around and around while playing. I also thing his guitar is cool; he has the Gibson SG Guitar. The guitar looks cool with its two points which look like horns.

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