Teachers Heroes

Yoyoh Maesaroh

by Meiliska from Karawang

There are many heroes in this earth. Everyone has their own hero. But for me, a person who deserves to be called ‘hero’ is person that gives lots of kindness, love, and advantage to other people. A hero does not have to be famous. I believe that many heroes surround us but we don’t recognize their important role in our lives. Included in this ‘unidentified’ hero is Yoyoh Maesaroh. She is a teacher and my mother of course.

If you are at STM Bina Karya 1 Karawang, ask a teacher, or Headmaster there, about Teacher match Yoyoh Maesaroh. Most of them maybe would say they knew that name. She is called Teacher Yoyoh and has been working in high school STM Bina Karya for more than three teen years as a Teacher match. She has a nice, warm, humorous and easygoing personality, supporting her profession in a way that enables her to face many kinds of people. She was a person who was always moving forward and never giving up to fulfill her housewife role as well.

She was born on Menes, Banten from a moderate family. Her father worked as a Teacher too and her mother was a housewife. She had three sisters and four brothers. She was the fourth child. She is not big, but little. In Banten she learnt at a madrasah from elementary school to high school. She grew to be a feminine girl that was calm. She doesn't brag so much, if we talk about her school grades. She really liked cooking cakes, especially cooking black forest cake. She was also active in a Rohis and a clever girl in high school.

After she finished her study at high school, she continued to IKIP University, Bandung. After the graduation, she got a job in STM Bina Karya Karawang, for teacher match. She married with her childhood friend’s brother, Suardi on 1991. My father is as black as coffee and my mom is as white as milk, that’s true. But still, they were really a matching couple that loves each other from the bottom of their hearts. From this marriage, she had three daughters. That’s me, one brother and one sister. Too me she was a good mother and wife, with a sweet attitude also dividing her time well for both job and family. She loves cooking cake and food traditional and often made. Me and mom live in the same place in green house. I love my hero, that is my mother, so much.

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