Emi Yuliaty

by Lya Elisa from SMAN 5 BANDUNG

Mrs. Emi My lovely headmistress

Mrs. Emi is one of my heroes. She is a headmistress of SMAN 5 Bandung. Recently, she has been busy starting a leadership program in my school. Well, actually she was a new headmistress. According to my mind, she is really an independent woman. I adore her because of the discipline that she makes in my school. Patient, and caring, are two words that describe her. Maybe some people have thought or have the opinion that a woman cannot do anything related to leadership, but in fact she is an exception. She can run the school greatly, by taking and placing the discipline and the new change-over in my school. I know that she can make it.

Her caring is shown when my extra-curricular FEC (Five English Club) started the selection of new members from first grade. She felt happy, and did not forgot to support all those things related to FEC activities. She convinced new members to be active and motivated them so that new members can run the organization well. She said that she was hoping, FEC could be a pioneer of students by placing and developing English as a global language in my school. In fact, she was also an English teacher and she became involved in her new program of making English as the second language in my school. Based on that, she established the language day, Thursdays as the day of English. Students have to speak and communicate in English on that day. Well, I’m sure it is not an easy job because she makes a new break through in my school, but I believe in her leadership she can manage and organize it well. Finally, I learned something from her, “where there is a will there is a way”.

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