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Zane Buzby

by Angel from Mission Viejo

My hero, Zane Buzby, first became aware to me when I was researching different heroes on the internet. She stood out because she is one of the many people to help holocaust survivors in need. While others treat them physically, she treats the biggest wounds left behind by the Holocaust which is poverty. What attracts me to my hero is that she writes about her own life and she sends money to those Holocaust survivors in need.

Zane Buzby is an aspiring actress and TV director. She has been in the acting business since back to 1977. This displays her like a compassionate person who does not let fame or money get to her head like most actors do. She does what anyone else can do, regardless of job, race, etc. She gives back to the community she loves. Actresses usually get paid $56,500 annually and $22.68 hourly.(Source) Similar careers to this include being a TV director, which is what Zane also excels in.(Source 2)

A person in this career would have to portray and interpret roles using speech, gestures, and body movements. Zane Buzby grew up in New York and graduated with honors from Hofstra University. This shows her achievements needed to become an aspiring actor. Zane Buzby has many achievements in acting, including the movies she's starred in. From her first acting credit in the film Oh, God! by Carl Reiner to Last Resort by Charles Grodin.

Zane Buzby has contributed a lot to the Jewish community who survived the Holocaust. Poverty strikes many, and it strikes hard, but Zane makes sure that people with a terrible past do not have to live a terrible present. The suffering caused by the Holocaust is temporary and painful. The survivors from the Holocaust have suffered a lot, and to suffer from poverty it makes things worse. Zane Buzby makes the suffering come to an end by giving money and letters to the survivors living in poverty. In 2011 she began these series of helpful acts. A favorite quote of her's is "I got so many letters that started with, 'We heard that your country is broke. If you can't send us any more money, we understand. Just please keep writing,' " It shows how she not only helps people financially, but emotionally as well.

Specific steps I will take to be like my PCH will be to pursue what I love to do like she did. She took acting classes, and I will take Criminal Justice classes to pursue my dream, just as she did. She has motivated me to become what I want to become and do what I want to do to help others. I plan to major in Criminal Justice at the University of California, Irvine and receive my Masters in Criminal Justice so I can do what I love, and get paid doing it. My lifetime goal is to become a detective. Zane has inspired me to pursue this dream because she pursued her own dream and made it.

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