Zaevion Dobson

by Rhett and Philip from Cincinnati

Zaevion Dobson in his football uniform.  ( ())
Zaevion Dobson in his football uniform. ( ())

Zaevion Dobson was a 15 year old football player, who played for Fulton High School. On December 17, 2015, there was a shooting. Zaevion Dobson dove on top of three girls to save them from the gunfire. While doing so, however, Zaevion was shot in the back multiple times. He bled out on the pavement, and died. If it wasn't for Zaevion, 3 other families would have lost someone on that fateful night.

Zaevion Dobson In His Uniform ( ())
Zaevion Dobson In His Uniform ( ())

Zaevion Dobson was liked by everyone he knew, and he changed the lives of everyone he met. He was a bright kid, and although he didn't talk much, he was fun to be around. Dobson was number 24 on the Fulton High Football team, and he had an entire career ahead of him. Zaevion had an older brother, Zack Dobson. The Dobson's had grown up with Eric Berry, the Chiefs safety. To Zaevion, Berry was a god. Eric Berry inspired Zaevion to play football, and he shaped Zaevion into who he was.

Zaevion Dobson had been in a shooting when he died. An armed gunman, Christopher Bassett, fired round after round into a crowd, while Zaevion jumped on top of three girls, to save their lives. "The detained suspect - identified by authorities as 20-year-old Christopher D. Bassett - is charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and violating probation, according to WBIR" (Holley). Previously, Brandon's mother had been shot, which made her end up in the hospital, which prompted the shooting.

A hero is someone who puts others ahead of himself. He/she would be the ones to help someone even if it hurts them. Zaevion Dobson was and still is a hero because he placed other's lives before his. Literally. If Zaevion Dobson had not died on that fateful night in December, three other lives would've been lost. Without him, three other families would've lost their loved ones.

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