Teachers Heroes

Zoheyr Gorgipoor

by Hamid Ashoury from Doha

• My HERO - My teacher is my hero for the love he had for his students. He was smart, kind, open-minded. MR Gorgipoor is my hero for many reasons. He works to make learning enjoyable. I consider myself so much lucky to have had some of the great mathematics teachers that I had throughout my academic studies in Qatar High School. He was my teacher only for two years.

He was very supportive and sincere. He taught me about honesty, getting along with others, sharing, and caring and encourages me to follow my dreams and to strive for the best. He had told me that you can and will learn, and the words “I can’t” is not in our vocabulary. I had some wonderful teachers, but I have to confess that MR Gorgipoor was the best and I will never forget him. I will always love and respect my hero, Mr Gorgipoor, my mathematics teacher.

I'm sure he will always stay eternal in my heart.

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