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Zoran Jankovic

by Tina from Ljubljana

Zoran Janković (
Zoran Janković (

Zoran Jankovic is the mayor of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. He is well-known not only because of his recent position, but also because of his former position in Mercator and his happy personality.

Zoran Jankovic was born on 1 January 1953 in the village Saraorci in Smederevo in Serbia to a Slovenian mother and Serbian father. He spent his childhood in Serbia. Later his family moved to Slovenia. He attended Poljanska Gymnasium in Ljubljana and graduated from Faculty of Economics.

He started his career in the investment sector at the Post of Slovenia in 1978, before he had finished his studies. In 1990, he founded a company Electa. He became well-known as the president of administration of the business system Mercator. He won the Manager of the Year Award for the successful management strategy of this company in 2002.

Mayor Zoran Jankovic at the World Harmony Run (
Mayor Zoran Jankovic at the World Harmony Run (

On 22 October 2006 he was elected a mayor of Ljubljana. People can see him seven days a week everywhere, at the fruit and vegetable market, on sports grounds, in kindergartens, and on construction sites. He always smiles. He has made a plan for the development of Ljubljana in the future. A new stadium is being built, an underground car park is going to be built, some streets and the banks of the river Ljubljanica have been renovated… Numerous cultural and other events are being organized. By providing the conditions for the construction of the Islamic religious-cultural centre and the start of construction of cultural and pastoral centre of the Serbian Orthodox Church of Ljubljana, he confirms his tolerance and multicultural awareness.

Zoran Janković with his wife Mija Jankovic (
Zoran Janković with his wife Mija Jankovic (

In 2009, he received the award for the manager of Bosnia and Herzegovina, south-eastern and central Europe in Sarajevo. He is also a member of the Board of Managers and President of the Association of Alumni Club at Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana.

He has also been a great lover of sports all his life. From 1984 to 1990 he was the vice-president of the Basketball Club Union Olimpija, between 1992 and 1997 he was the president of the Handball Club Krim. He was the president of Handball Federation of Slovenia and under his leadership European Championship for men was organized. On that occasion the Slovenian team won the silver medal.

Zoran Jankovic is married to Mija Jankovic. He has two adult sons, Damian and Jure, and two grandchildren, Val and Julia.

He is my hero because he shows how much can be achieved with patience and knowledge. Although he is so successful, he is still a very relaxed and sociable man.

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