Community Heroes

Zach Zunker

by Luke from Marathon

Zach Zunker  and his dad
Zach Zunker and his dad

I think a hero is someone who helps the community and doesn't want anything in return. Zach Zunker is a hero in my mind because he helped out our school. Zach made a 310 ft boardwalk to help our school be able to see wildlife better. He made the boardwalk to earn his Eagle Badge for Boy Scouts.

Many people view Zach Zunker as a cool and funny person. I consider Zach as a heroic person because he made the boardwalk for not himself but for everybody else to see. Also the fact that Zach is still a very young person. If he were to keep helping out our community he could become a really successful person in life when he gets older.

He inspires me because I wish I could have done it too. Zach and the small group of people he organized completed the project. It was a big job. He doesn't seem like the type of person that would be doing that because he likes to joke around a lot.

Zach had to ask the town president if it was okay to build the boardwalk by our school. Zach also had to get blue prints for the design of the boardwalk. The materials were funded by the school district and his dad also helped out too.

He helped the school learn more about wildlife by building the boardwalk. The boardwalk will be used for many generations. Other students view Zach as funny. Many people say it was a good idea to and say he did a good job. I view it as an awesome achievement.

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