zlato plesnik

by Ziga from Ljubljana

Zlato relaxing in the grass
Zlato relaxing in the grass

My hero is Zlato Plesnik. He is a sport climber. He is a good friend of my father's. He lives in Ljubljana, and he is 50 years of age. He started climbing when he was 30, which is very late to start a sport such as this. He started climbing just for recreation, but soon he started practising it seriously. He climbs very well since he has climbed carrying heavy loads over long distances.

I got to know him through my father about nine years ago. One day Zlato took my father climbing. Father liked it a great deal but Zlato decided to show me how to climb, too. Zlato soon became my coach. We had a very nice time, but because I was already 13 years I had to go to another club.

This year he built the first artificial ice wall in Medvode. This is a wall which freezes in winter and then it is ready to climb like you would climb a frozen waterfall.

Zlato has promised me that he will show me this way of climbing this year. Zlato has been inviting me for some time now to join him and climb in the north wall of Triglav, which is the highest mountain in Slovenia, but I still have not bought the equipment I would need for this long climb. I am a little scared because, while climbing a fragile wall, my friend fell 15 metres and was badly hurt. Zlato has often been on the north wall of Triglav and says that it is great.

He is still active in climbing and he is still very good. Zlato is an inventive and communicative person, so climbing with him is a real pleasure.

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