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by Tyler from Boulder (Photo by Patrick Cullis.) (Photo by Patrick Cullis.)

What is a hero? Just a person who does good stuff? No. A hero is a person who puts his life on the line and does stuff for people without getting anything in return. My hero, named Zach, does exactly that. By definition, a hero is a man (or woman) of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Zach does everything in this definition being a firefighter, but he doesn't get paid to be a firefighter. He is just a volunteer and he's my hero for saving my house during the Fourmile Fire in Colorado. (Photo: Graham Stewart) (Photo: Graham Stewart)

Zach shows a ton of courage when being a volunteer firefighter. He risks his life every time he is called to action, fighting fires. He especially showed courage when he put out flames crawling up the side of my house in September of 2010. My house would have been gone if he wasn't there to stop the blaze and do his courageous act. Most people would have let my house burn down, but he didn't. He made sure it wouldn't burn to ashes.

Family thanks firefighers in Fourmile ( (David Frey photo.))
Family thanks firefighers in Fourmile ( (David Frey photo.))

Zach also shows noble qualities. In the documentary "Above the Ashes" by Michelle B. Carpenter, it talks about how there were no firefighters anywhere in my neighborhood. That isn't all true. Zach was there, taking care of his own little house, my house and a couple other houses with the help of my neighbors that didn't leave. Zach didn't even think about leaving. He was determined to make sure our neighborhood would have the least amount of houses burn down.

Zach is definitely my hero. Since 2010, he has fought almost a dozen other fires including the big fire in Colorado Springs and a massive fire in New Mexico. He has saved more houses than anyone I know will ever do in their lifetime. I look up to him when I am thinking about how I can be a better person and Zach is the perfect example for that. Zach is still a volunteer firefighter for Fourmile Fire District and Sunshine Fire Protection. He is always ready for another call to action and will always be ready for another chance to help people and save houses.

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