Zinedine Zidane

by Fresquet from Lyon, France

Zinedine Zidane, nicknamed "Zizou", was born, from an Algerian family, on the twenty-third of June, 1972 in Marseille. Today he is thirty-five years-old and recognized as the most famous of the French "people" and is counted among the greatest players of the world. But Zizou is a gentleman of football. He built his life on it and is opposed to racism with the association "pick up, stand up". He created his association for disadvantaged children. He created lots of publicity for "bank","cars","food","clothes"...

His career was wonderful but like other champions, there were great times and also bad periods. He began in 1992 with the "Girondins de Bordeaux". Quickly Zinedine played the whole match and he was skilled at finding his teammate without looking. In his first season he scored ten goals and played his first European final (UEFA). After, he received trophies like "best player of the French championship" on several occasions. He played his first match with the French national team (the Blues) on August 1994. In his first thirty minutes wearing the blue Jersey he scored two goals.

He rapidly became the French "Conductor" and was really essential for the French team. 1996 was a turning point in our hero's life. Zizou signed for the Juventus of Turin in Italy. It was the apex of his career. The trophies rained: two scudetti and three other Italian cups. So now he was considered as the best football player in the world.

Zinedine Zidane led the French team to the consecration: the World Cup. Indeed, he was the best French player of the cup and he scored two goals against Brazil in the final. All this gave him the most beautiful trophy: the "gold ball". In 2001, frustrated by being stopped two times in the final of the Champions league and searching for a European title, he decided to leave Juventus and go with the Galactics of Real Madrid. The world cup 2002 was a real calvary so when he returned to Spain his revenge was fantastic. He won the Spain championship and his first Champions league.

But since 2003, it's been the fall, Real Madrid never won another title. So our Hero decided to stop football after the World Cup in Germany. This one was like 1998: we found him at his best level: indeed he was elected "best player of the world cup" and led the Blues to the final. But Zinedine Zidane left us before the end of the final: he took the red card, so our Messiah quit football on a head butt.

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