Zinedine Zidane

by BERGER from Lyon, France

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How could we define a hero? Maybe as someone who is an example for mankind, a person who is able to put his life at stake in order to rescue a a human life, or why not as someone who manages to bring hopes and dreams to many people around the world? What a difficult concept in fact! But I have got my own definition (at least an example): Zinedine Zidane is a hero and I will explain to you why.

Zizou is surely the most skillful and technical player of his generation and maybe the best of all of them. Zidane was born in June 1973 in Marseille. Early he played football in a club and became professional in 1998 with Cannes FC. Later, he played for the best football team in Europe, first with Bordeaux where he met Lisarazu and Dugarry (his future team-mate in French football team). Then with Juventus of Turin where he won his first championship on the European scene. Finally he finished his career with Real Madrid, at that time considered as the best European club. At the same time he has gleamed with his national team so he contributed to the victory at the moment of the World Cup Final in 1998 by scoring two mythical goals against Brazil. Two years later, they walked off with the European championship. In 2002 Zidane (and the French team too) missed his world cup because of an injury, and finally took his retirement during the last world cup in Germany.

In my opinion Zidane is an amazing hero insomuch as he stays the same after his huge successes: individual («ballon d'or»,three times declared most valuable player FIFA of the year) and with his several teams. Today Zidane is still shy, discreet and modest whereas some «stars» have got a «big head». However Zidane crusades for his own ideas when, for example, he supports non-profit associations like E.L.A. which struggles against genetic diseases. For his last match, Zidane showed us that some values are more important than everything else (winning a second world cup in this case!). Even if his wrong move against Materrazi shocked some people and especially children, it seems to me important that someone say stop to this insult. These different things highlight the fact that Zidane is not only a great football player but also an involved and clever man! That is why he is my hero,

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Real madrid (google)

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