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by Marie from Wheeling

My dog (Family Photo)
My dog (Family Photo)

Zoey is my dog. She is the kindest dog in the world. I love the way she always tries to make me smile whenever I don’t feel good or if I am upset at something, she makes a very cute face. Whenever she does something bad I never get mad at her. The thing I like about her is that she is really good at keeping secrets.

She lives in my house. She loves to go outside and play with me. I am the one who feeds her, gives her baths, and puts her to bed at a decent hour.

When I was 12 years old I was playing up towards the woods with my dog Zoey, when all of the sudden a snake almost bit me. I moved just in time. My dog comes out of nowhere and bites the snake on the waist. After a minute she puts it down and it's not moving. I took a closer look and I realised she killed it. I picked up my dog and rushed home. I told my mom what happened and we rushed Zoey to the vet. Surprisingly she was fine.

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