by Min from Yona, Guam

You Dont Mess With the ZOHAN
Zohan blowdrying (google)
Zohan blowdrying (google)

The Zohan was an incredible man. He was the hero of his country, the greatest soldier who ever lived. He was always pushed to stay in the military by his parents. His parents wanted him to be a soldier because he was the best and they thought he should do what he was good at. He was so strong, powerful, and amazing. He did what no man thought was possible. He would literally be able to stop a country by himself.

Little did the parents know, the Zohan's true passion was hairstyling. He would always sneak a hairstlying magazine in his bedroom and pretend to cut hair. He was ashamed that poeple would tease him for doing something so girly for such a strong and courageous man like him. He could not reveal to anyone his secret love affair with being a hairstylist.

Fullfilling his dream (Min Corp.)
Fullfilling his dream (Min Corp.)

He then went on to the mainland. He went to the U.S. to fulfill his passion on becoming what he truly wanted. He then moved there and looked for barbershops to work at but no one would hire him because he was freakishly awkward and strange, since he was from the middle east. So he gave up and went to a friend he met there and asked for a job at an electronics shop called "Going out of Business." It was a catchy name and attracted people to go there.

The friend that the Zohan went to rejected him. He said "No" he would not let him let go of his dream. He persuaded him to follow his dreams and not regret something in the future. So he then went to a barbershop and begged to work there and he even offered to do it for free. The owner would not let him cut hair so he had to start off by sweeping hair. Until one day, an old lady came in to get her hair cut and she asked the owner to get a haircut from the Zohan. She hesitated but let him do so what the lady requested and he happened to do an EXCELLENT job.

Soon enough, the barbershop that only had a few customers a day now had an extremely long line outside every day. Every morning old ladies would be waiting just for the Zohan to cut their hair. He became so successful he reopened the shop with the owner at a better location. He confessed to his parents and the parents were proud. Also he fell in love with the owner of the barbershop. The Zohan is a hero to me because he shows courage to do what his heart wants and not listen to what other people say. A lot of people are scared to live their dreams because of what people expect of them. He shows a great example of how not to let your dreams go.

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