Animals Heroes


by Whitney from Geneva, Illinois

So lately there has been an argument about zoos. Some are saying they are bad but I would be for zoos because I think that they are helping our animals get better and keeping them protected but others say that they are abusing animals so here are two sides of the story.

The reason why I think that Zoos are helping is because for the elephants and other animals they are protecting them from poachers. Zoos also help sick, hurt, overweight animals recover so than they can be released into the wild and that would help repopulate the animals. And if Zoo staff see hurt animals they can help them by bringing them into the Zoos. And most of animal's medicine comes from Zoos so they help the average Zoo animals and pets. Zoos even offer classes to teach kids and adults about animals. And last of all the good Zoos depend on what kind of zoo it is.

The reason why I think that Zoos are bad for animals is because some Zoos were sending their animals to circuses and the animals were being threatened when doing tricks so they had to do it. Zoos were taking perfectly good fish and animals from oceans and lakes and habitats. Some Zoos in 2010 were trading dead animal bodies for money. Even some animals were given human food like cake to monkeys. Plus even 40% of lion cubs were dieing before three months of age. And other Zoos were leaving dead animals in their habitat to die and rot. Zoos even let animals reproduce but they gave the babies away for entertainment. Worst of all elephants were being taken from their habitats.

And those have been my two sides for the story of why there should be Zoos and why there shouldn't be any Zoos.

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