Animals Heroes


by Dante from Simpsonville

Heroes give people the motivation they need to continue through life. My hero definitely gives me the ambition and courage to embrace everyday. I could not live without my hero in my life, and I’m his meal ticket so, I think he can’t live without me.

Everyday when I return from wherever I’ve been, whether it is school, or even a long trip, I can always count on the bellowing bark and yippering of the most full of himself creature on Earth, my dog. My dog Zorro is a pekepoo, one of the cutest and best dogs in the universe. This tiny little flurry of fur has never been more excited in his life than when I come home. Opening his cage is like the shot of a gun at the beginning of a race, and he acts like it is too. From the second he can squirm his way out, he bolts onto his starting lap, racing through the house as fast as he can, only stopping to dance around me, tongue hanging out, with a big dumb smile. But all his excitement has only increased the need for a pit stop, which hopefully, will not take place in the house.

This little guy is always ready to play, never turns down a walk, and never fails to put a smile on your face. One day after school, as I stormed in the front door, slamming and slugging my things around after a terrible day at school. I had my first flat tire that day, on the side of the interstate, and school was not any better. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I see that tiny hairball prance around the corner with a leash in his mouth, and when we make eye contact, his head jerks back as he thrusts towards me. From that moment on, he has been the one thing in the world that can make me smile.

Zorro has helped me through some tough times, like when my friend (who shall remain nameless per say) died who was just a few years older than me, it was kind of a shock and a reminder of how short life is. But it is impossible to even try to feel sad around this creature. His cocky attitude and restless personality makes him the ultimate companion. When I was in my room that night, pondering the events of the day, I see out of the corner of my eye, that little black head poke out form behind the door. Thinking he is undetected, he continues on, slowly crawling, dragging his belly and hind legs, trying to be sneaky, and then as I turn my head trying not to laugh, he stands up straight and pounces on me and began sniffing and licking my face. This was unusual for him because of his macho personality he does not usually lick, but he occasionally does lick me, which only made it harder to be mad at him for interrupting my sulking, which in turn, failed. It is impossible to be mad at this little face looking up at me with his little under bite staring me in the face.

Zorro is my dog. He is my best friend. Zorro is my hero. I love Zorro with all my heart and would do anything to make his little life better. I know animals are not the conventional hero, but this puppy dog has the greatest impact to inspire me to be excited about the little things, and to be there for people whenever, and to always be there for Zorro, like he is for me.

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