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A Drop around the World

By Barbara Shaw Mckinney

Publisher: Dawn Publications, March 1998
ISBN: 1883220726
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
A drop of rain is a drop of life - a drop of eternity. From steam to snow, from polluted to purified, from stratus cloud to subterranean crack, water links the world in a living flow. Barbara Shaw McKinney and illustrator Michael Maydak take us on an "out of sight" journey from Maine to Mumbai, with just one raindrop as it touches plant, animal and human life all around the world. Traveling with Drop, readers will see the world, inside and out, from solid, liquid and vaporous viewpoints. The everlasting, ever-changing Drop earns our respect for water and its unique role on Earth. Once you've met Drop, you can journey into the heart of nature every time it rains.
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