A Great Hero

by Chiara Reedha from Leicester in United Kingdom

My hero isn’t a superhuman, who is never SAD

Nor covered in strings of bling, for all the thrilling THINGS

They’ve done, where they’ve gone, and had no misfortune HAPPEN.

And when I reflect, my utmost respect goes to them, for THEY

Have kept going, they cope, for hope of all things they could DO.

This person is so special, has so much has potential, BUT

They may not know it or show it, because WE

Praise our idols, raise our heroes on a pedestal, and DON'T

Remember that you – yes, you - have all you NEED

To make a change, no matter how strange, TO

Seize your chance, snap out of that trance, and seize this life you LIVE

Just once, so give your all, and you’ll be glad, so don’t stay SAD

My hero is you, and the things you could do, so keep being you FOREVER.

- A great hero

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