A hero of peace for a change

by Christian Yen from Charlotte, NC

What would it be like if you had the powers of an angel? Ever wondered if you were an angel? Mr. Schulz definitely is. He has the superpowers that no one is able to face. He is a saint with a humble heart. He has the looks of a human but the heart and mindset of a warrior of the Lord. Many people think he was an Angel for many months because no one ever saw him do anything wrong in any way. He is my definition of a hero. A hero who is ordinary but astonishing. Mr. Schulz is the perfect example of having humility, the perfect example of being a servant of the Lord and the perfect example of having love for God.

         Mr. Schulz has many traits, and humility is one of them. A few examples of this humble trait is he never gives any credit to himself and gives all the credit to God. His humble and submissive personality makes him a person of great spiritual wealth. He can often be heard saying, “This class and classroom is God’s classroom, and my  teachings are from God’s wisdom only.” I like how he uses his class and teachings as metaphors for God’s wisdom. Another example is that he takes responsibility of others’ tasks. He never backs down from any duty; many of them aren’t even his his. His humble heart can soften the heart of Pharaoh's or melt the driest ice on Antarctica. His humility has and always keep influencing others around him as long as God gives him breath.

Another trait of Mr. Schulz is his love for God and his love for others around him. Mr. Schulz’s love for God is an important factor and is why he is a hero. For example, Mr. Schulz is biblically knowledgeable in almost every way I can think of. He knows the Bible better than anyone I know. He knows it like it's the back of his hand. Mr. Schulz almost never breaks the 10 Commandments religiously. I have never (and I am not exaggerating) seen him disrespect the Golden Rule, nor any human being, in my entire life. He always repents when he thinks he has done wrong even though no one thought he has done anything wrong. He also forgives to all people he comes across. I believe that Mr. Schulz isn't just my hero, but a hero in God's eyes.

Lastly, Mr. Schulz has the trait of having a servant's heart. He loves to serve other people in the world that are either mentally troubled or spirtually stumbling. For example, he takes time of his own just to pray with you and comfort you. I know God speaks to him because he sounds like God speaking through him with his wise, Yoda like words. Another example is that he even saved Steve, a famous wrestler, from steroids and Steve gave his life to Christ because of Mr. Schulz. Steve is was far from God, but since he is very good friends with Mr. Schulz, he is very spiritually close with God.  Furthermore, I see Mr. Schulz as a connector. He serves by bringing and leading people to Christ. A third example would be that he takes teacher duties, even when it's not his turn. Just as Jesus sacrifices himself on the cross, Mr. Schulz certainly sacrifices his time for everyone around him. I believe that Mr. Schulz is truly a servant of the Lord and is very compassionate through whatever he does.

Mr. Schulz is the perfect example of having humility, and is an example of being a servant of God. Mr. Schulz has the humble heart of an Angel and the influence of light. Mr. Schulz will always have the everlasting love for God. Furthermore, he was the servant and Angel of the Lord. Without a doubt, I conclude that Mr. Schulz is humble, the greatest servant of God, has unique love for God, and is definitely my definition of a hero.



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