Essays on the Theme of Heroism

A Story of Overcoming the Past

by Elizabeth Bailey from Charlotte, NC

It was Wednesday, February 21, 2018.  Yvette Jordan stood next to her husband’s casket, her three children beside her. She had been through a lot - her husband having cancer twice and dying from it the second time. Left with one income to raise three children, two of whom weren’t even out of high school when their dad died. Her determination to get through life without her husband is truly inspiring. She has this amazing strength that helps her through life, day by day. A hero is not someone who devotes their life to trying to become recognized by all - it’s someone who goes through life day by day with determination and humility to get through the next day. 

Mrs. Yvette has this strong determination that I have never seen in anyone else before. She’s raising her children by herself. She had been living off one income for at least two years. She and Donnie had been putting their daughter through college, which was no longer an option. Yet, she is still determined to get through the next day. She has this bold obstinance to not be mad at God. She is determined not to dwell on the past but makes it her goal just to get through the next day. She has won the game if she has successfully gotten through the next twenty-four hours. She is more dedicated to being there for her children since their dad’s passing. I admire her because she knows her purpose - to worship the Lord Jesus Christ, to be there for her children, to be an example for those who are younger than her, and to be there for other women who have recently lost their husbands. I idolize her strong-willed spirit to get through the next day despite her circumstances. She is one of the strongest people I know - not because of her physical strength, but for the way she carries herself with the determination to take on the next day, not the world - Jesus already did that. 

 The next defining character trait for a hero in my eyes is graceful humility. They don’t have to try to be humble, it’s just this fluid motion she doesn’t even realize she’s doing. She has this amazing biblical view of the world and so much biblical knowledge, but, she doesn’t put herself on a pedestal. She has been leading our middle school small group at church and she makes these biblical connections that I would never think of in a million years . She knows the Bible forwards and backwards, but she wouldn’t be the one to educate you on that. She doesn't brag about herself. She has this softspoken humility that can be loud when needed. She doesn’t make you pity  her because her husband died; she has convinced herself that she will get through this and overcome this unbearable sorrow. I love how she doesn’t use her humility to put herself down. She knows what she can and cannot do. She isn’t afraid to say “Oh, hey I can’t do that.” I respect her quiet, strong, graceful humility. 

In my eyes, Mrs. Yvette is a determined mom who seeks God in her everyday life. She is an incredible example of a hero. She has given me so much determination to live my life the best way possible and to cherish the moments I have with my family. She has taught me to live my life for the day. I have learned to be confident that God is always with me, through whatever trials I’m facing. Mrs. Yvette has motivated me to change the way I view God, in my head. He is no longer someone who “takes” people away, He is someone who takes the pain away and gives a new body to those who believe in Him.

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