A tribute to the first place I ever lived – My MOM, my HERO

by Anuradha Desikan from Chennai, India


You have a strength that no one sees,

A generous impact of a gentle breeze;


Sometimes you could come across as a person too docile,

Yet at an hour of need, you make a crisis seem so facile:


Your unforced habit of being aesthetic,

In a mundane routine so ever hectic;


Your hugs are nothing but warm,

And your smiles gleam like luster with charm;


You pour your entire soul and energy,

Without wanting anything in return;


The virtues you have imbibed in me are firm,

From you to me, to my daughter and to hers, a long term;


Putting my gratitude in words is inadequate,

For there is nothing under the sun your love can equate.



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