Abby Elkholy

by Sally from Flemington

During my whole life, there have been many people around me like family members and friends, but there was one person that was there through it all--my father. He was there through thick and thin and through it all, he would stand there by me to help me out and comfort me through it all. My father is a hero to me in the way that he is there for my family, his job, and then he is there for me more then anything else.

My father was born in Egypt where he was born into a family where you had no one to lean on and had to do everything on your own. He was born into a family where he was the oldest and he took care of it all. Then, when he was about 25, he moved to America where he and his brothers opened their own company and begain to build their lives on their own. Later on in life, he married my mother and they had 3 wonderful children and my mother and father would give up anything that they wanted to do for us. As the years progressed, my father became successful in life and began to open more than one company. Now, we have two major companies and then little investments like a building and stores and many homes around the world. My father opened this all up for me and my two sisters to live on when he is not there for us any more. He feels that if in years to come he is not there, we have something to lean on in life so that we won't be in trouble and won't be able to live. Another aspect that my father has been there is in the way of teaching us right from wrong and about our religion and how we could get through life and what would pull us back.

My father is an understanding person that gives in to what ever I say. Although I get in trouble a lot, my father sits me down and listens to me instead of punishing me. He lets me tell him what happened. Then he givs me meaningful advice that can help me stay out of trouble and can help me through years to come.

Although my father can make me mad, he is the best father in the world and I feel as a daughter I can show him how I feel a little more and love him more because he sacrifices his life for me and my sisters. I Love You DAD!! and I will never forget everything you have done for me. Thank you and I hope you keep inspiring me in my future life to come.

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