Anne Frank

by Jillian from Suffern

It is strange to think that one of the most influential writers of our time never lived past sixteen and was just an ordinary person. Anne Frank may have been an ordinary girl before her time spent in hiding in the Annex during World War II, but her personality and dreams were above the rest. Anne Frank is a widely known name and she is recognized as a hero everywhere. Her courage in the face of everyday trials helped her and her companions face each day with a bright smile and hope of freedom.

During the late 1930's and early 1940's, millions of Jewish people were persecuted and forced to leave their homes and relocate. They were ostracized and forced to stay contained in a designated area. Many Jews went into hiding, hoping they would be safe from the danger they saw all around them. Anne Frank and her family moved from their house and found a place to hide in the back rooms of a building called the Annex. She was thirteen years old. Although the building was damp and dreary, she made the best of it, calling it a grand place to stay till they could leave and be free. She never thought that this would be the last house she would stay in. To help pass the extraordinary hours of time when she had to be completely quiet, Anne faithfully wrote in a diary. It held her deepest thoughts and dreams. Her writing saved her from boredom and gave her hope. She was kept safe while staying there and she was always thankful to be alive, unlike those poor people still outside in the open.

Courage, patience, hope and determination are just a few of Anne Frank's amazing qualities. She lived with the same people for three whole years, never being able to leave, no matter how frustrated she was. Her desire to stay safe kept her quiet and she used willpower to stop herself from quarreling about nonsense with others. This demonstrated patience on her part that was undying. She was also unselfish and put others in front of her, even though she may have disliked them. Many people may have gotten scared or depressed after the years of hiding away, but Anne kept her spirits up. Hearing the bombs at night and not knowing what was going on outside must have been terribly frightening, but still Anne was brave. Her perserverence and courage gave her family and friends hope, while their love helped her dream.

After three long years spent in the Annex, the most feared thing happened. The Gestapo discovered them. Everyone stayed remarkably calm, and Anne never said anything when her precious diary was spilled onto the floor. She left without it as she was taken away to a concentration camp. Anne, her mother and sister all died, with only her father surviving.

Anne Frank is my hero for so many reasons. She was faced with more challenges everday than I could imagine, and her courage and determination are only something I can dream of. Her diary has given me hope when I think my life is tough, and her example gives me courage to face the day. She is my hero because of her undying faith and confidence. I look up to her and wish to be half the person she was, for she was brave when her life was the hardest.

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