Adam Graves

by Peter DeTommaso

Everyone in their life time has a hero. Most people have a sports athlete as their hero, but not all hero have to be a sports figure. I have picked a sports figure as my hero, like most people. My hero is Adam Graves of the New York Rangers.

Adam Graves was born on April 12, 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. Adam Graves now lives in New York. He plays ice hockey in the NHL(National Hockey League for the New York Rangers. He enjoys playing ice hockey very much. He plays it for his love of the game and not for the money. He also enjoys golf on the off season. Adam Graves has a few heros, they are Wayne Gretzky, bobby hull, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and Mario Lemieux. They are like the classic know ice hockey stars.

Adam Graves has won many awards in is career. He has won the King Clany Memorial Trophy in 1993-94 season. That is the award that shows best leadership qualities on and off the ice. The Steven McDonald Award in 91-92, 92-93, and 93-94 seasons. The Rangers Good Guy Award in 92-93 season. He also waon the Rangers MVP in 92-93 and 93-94. There are many more arwards but no time to list them all. I think that this makes Adam Graves a very good guy.

Adam Graves has been my hero for about four years. Graves is my hero because he plays hockey and I want to be like him when i get older. He is lshoots left handed and plays left wing like me. Also he is always involved with charities and is always signing autographs for kids. I think that he is an all around nice guy. I want jto be like Adam Graves and play in the NHL like him. I think it would be cool to be like Adam Graves, my hero.

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