Abraham Lincoln

by Charlie C. from Webb City, MO

I think that everyone should have a hero. No matter weather they are real or fake. Hero's to me are not like the average human being. Hero's are people that do something outstanding or they are helpfil to others, they could be dead, and the are not afraid to stand up for what they believe is right. Abraham Lincoln is a hero because he did very utstading things and he also helped alot of people.

Abraham Lincoln was outstanding and helps people because in 1818 his mother died, and he still managed to go on even though he was only nine years old(Heidler1182). After that he started getting into his parents books. He loved to read. He read so much and learned so much that he like stopped going to school for awhile, and when his neighbors in Pigeon Creek community found out they kept asking him to write letters for them(Heidler 1182). Also in 1832 he was the captain of volenteers in the Black Hawk War. The war lasted 30 to 40 days. After he saw no action, the war ended. He started to return home. When he returned home he was something less than a hero(Magill 1380).

Abraham was born February. It was the 12th day in 1809. He was born in a one room cabin near Elizabeth town in Hardin County of Kentucky(Heidler 1181). Abraham died before the end of the Civil War(Malone242).

In 1839, he met his wife named Mary Todd. Him and Edwards Banker were alresdy Whig leaders and members of influentig Long Nine(Madill 1382). Also in 1847-1849 he served one full term in Congress in Illinois. Whilehe was part of Congress there was a war going on. It as the Mexican War and it was over slavery(Malone 245). See, the Dred Scott case in 1856 aroused Lincoln's antislavery fervor and brought him back into politics(Magill 1382). By then Lincoln grew a blacl beard that was associated with him during his campaign. Although he didn't campaign actively, he was still able to with stand a hundred and seventy-three votes. He won the campaign(Magill 1383). See, he would not discriminate the South. There was only one substantial differance between them, and that was him. It was in the matter of Slavery extension(Malone246).

Now you know a little about Abraham Lincoln. He was a great man and a great president to try and help those people. That is why I chose to do him for a hero.

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