Abraham Lincoln

by Andrew from Webb City

A hero can mean many things. It can come from a simple act of kindness or a life saving event. A hero is someone ho does something good, not for the recognition but because is right. One of the biggest heroes is Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was a hero for many different reasons. Even during a war he was able to keep some states away from fighting. In his early Presidency Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Virginia left the Union (Heidler, 1184). Lincoln proposed to the Border States that there would be no aggresion towards them if they stayed non-hostile with the nations government (Heidler, 1185).

Though Lincoln did many great things he wasn't recognized for what he did until after he died. He was the only president whose whole term was during a war (Heidler, 1181), and he died before the war ended (Malone 242). Though he didn't get much credit, "Lincoln served as active commander-in-chief of army and navy" (Heidler, 1182). He was also able to act on more traditional roles as citizen leader. Such as support among the northerners and people on the borderlines (Heidler, 1181). Not very many people saw his big effects in the war.

Lincoln was a good example on a lot of different people. He worked his way up in life. As a lawyer he worked his way up to the top rank (Malone 242). Lincoln tried to have as little people hurt as he could during the war. In fact he didn't lead troops into battle as George Washington did, he acted as more of a diplomat (Heidler 1181). Once he spoke in front of a group of Union Soldiers (Croby 1). Three days later he was appointed by "The Working Democratic Republican Association of New York" to be part of there organization (Crosby 1).

In conclusion Abraham Lincoln did a lot of heroic things in his life. He taught people to do what’s right even when everyone is against you. Lincoln is one of the world’s biggest heroes for many different reasons.

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