Lifesavers Heroes

Ali Nasuh Mahruki

by Eda-berkay-barış-can from Adana

In İstanbul in 1968, he was born as an ordinary person. His determination and belief to succeed made him an extraordinary man. He is a man who is interested in many subjects: mountaineering, climbing, scuba diving, paragliding, sailing, off-road motorbike, and cycling. He is also a photographer, a documentary producer, and a writer.

Between the years 1992-1994, he climbed the five highest mountains of Soviet Russia-Khan Tengri, Lenin, Korjenevskey, Communism and Pobeda. So he was awarded the tittle ' The Leopard of Snow' by the Russian Mountaineering Federation.

In 1995, he was the first Turk to climb Mount Everest. When I asked him how he could manage the success, he said, ' I concentrate on what I am doing so much that I never see any difficulty. I go ahead and just do it. Between me and what should be done there may be some problems, but I always take them as the ones which should be overcome.

Then he started a new project called ' Seven Summits'. He believed. He tried and he almost died but he tried again and again and so he did succeeded. He climbed the highest mountains of seven continents. He also likes traveling. He traveled many countries on his motorbike. He met new people, new approaches, and new cultures. "Although they look different, people, indeed, are all the same. The words coming through their lips are exactly the same words of different versions," he said.

In 1994, two climbers got lost in Bolkar Mountain. All the experienced climbers, the military men and even the local people tried to find these two young men, but they couldn't. So he and some of his friends decided to found a serious organization and they founded AKUT (Search and Rescue Society) and he became the president. "AKUT is an instinct, a prediction of what will happen. AKUT is the unconditional love of the country and people," he explained. AKUT became a society that helps the people in need during an earthquake, a flood, and all kinds of natural disasters and accidents not only in Turkey ,but also all over the world .He and his friends have saved many lives.

This extraordinary man who received countless awards is leading quite a modest life and writing about his experiences. 'Diary of an Alpinist' ,' First Turk on Everest', 'In Search of a Dream', 'Roads of Asia, Himalayas, and Beyond' are the books he has written so far. He is preparing a new book at the moment. Long live Nasuh Mahruki! The more you do the more you share and the more you share the greater you become.

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