Teachers Heroes

Ann Myer

by Megan Kinsman

Ann Myer to me is my hero. I call her this as my sailing coach, yet there is a thought that she is not my coach. Her husband, Gary Myer, is my coach. Yet in the back oh my mind she is more of my teacher/hero/mom kind of thing. She is the type of person that treats me like one of her own kids. She means a lot to me in every way. She is my hero,hero because I find my self more capable to talk to her about life problems and the stresses of being a teenager. I personally look at her and see a big kid, full of fun and life.

Ann Myer was born in March 19** at 10:10 PM. She says, "sorry I don't remember, nor feel I should remember the year, since it's all a matter of how u feel, act and want to be." Yet to me her age does not matter because she acts like a big kid and I will always remember her for that.

Ann really loves to sail most of all, she calls it her therapy, with out it she is an unhappy person. She also love playing softball and working out at home or in the gym.

As with this You can see that she is a big kid and loves being outside and always moving. She is the kind of parent that would take you to New York even when she has a lot of work to do, or the type of person who calms your fear when we are having car problems in the darkest of New York. She is a great person and I love her for that.

Her heroes are a bunch of people, mostly people only she would know. "One is Dennis Conners a sailor for America's Cup, another Ted Turner who is a sailing big mouth, and multimillionaire, and also Megan Kinsman (me) cross country and track star, who ran on a crappy day in NY and placed 4th overall, that made me cry when i read that." She is a great person and hopes for the best in everyone.

Ann to me is not just a bunch of facts on a web page, she is Ann. A name that means so much to me, she means more that a person with a name. To me she is my helper in everything I do, She follows my running when my parents don't, she brings us to New York to see plays, she brings us to new places to have fun yet in a way she makes sure we learn something out of it. She to me is Ann, She to me is like my second mom. I look past her being my coach, to me she is my age and she looks to me as I am grown up. Ann is My hero!

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