Arnold Palmer

by Keir from Maine

Arnold Palmer on Golf Course (Google Images)
Arnold Palmer on Golf Course (Google Images)

My hero is Arnold Palmer. He didn't play golf to be ordinary or to make a living. He played golf to change it. He did that more than anyone, including himself or his family, could have imagined.

Arnold Palmer was born in Pennsylvania. He was allowed to play golf on the course as a kid, but only for limited times. He was not a member and his father made that clear. So he practiced and observed and played on a lot of different courses.

Arnold never gave up. He lost the 1967 US Open to Billy Casper in San Francisco by trying to break the tournament record and not just win. But in his losing he taught people about effort and determination.

He never walked off the golf course without signing every last autograph. Not like any one else would do that. Every last one. Everyone was treated the same.

Arnold Palmer is a sports legend and not just that. He has learned to play golf in so many different ways. Ever since he began playing he knew he could become one of the greatest golfers ever. He is my hero.

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