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Anne Mansfield Sullivan Macy

by Courtney from Montvale

"Let us lead [children] during the first years to find their greatest pleasure in nature. Let them run in the fields, learn about animals, and observe real things.Children will educate themselves under right conditions."

Annie Sullivan was born on April 14, 1866. Her childhood was not a happy one. Alice Cloesy, Annie's loving mother, died when Annie was very young. Her father was unkind to her, and eventually Annie and her brother had to go to a poorhouse, where the conditions were not good. Jimmie, Sullivan's younger brother, had a tubercular hip, and he died shortly after they went to the poorhouse. Poor Annie Sullivan had loved her brother more than anyone, and now she was totally alone. To top it off, she developed an eye disease, which left her with very poor sight.

Sullivan's life changed for the better when she transferred to a school called Perkins Institute for the Blind. Here she was educated, and she graduated as valedictorian. Shortly afterward, she met deaf and blind Helen Keller, whom she was to teach. Against all odds, Sullivan taught Helen to speak, read, write, and inspire others. It was a difficult job, but Annie was always determined to help, and she never gave up.

Annie Sullivan is my hero because she overcame enormous obstacles only to help another person do the same. She often stood up for Helen, which showed bravery, another heroic trait. She unselfishly devoted her life to Helen, and for this reason she is credited with Helen Keller's success. Anne Mansfield Sullivan Macy was a kind, giving person who will always be remembered.

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