Artists Heroes

Aaliyah Dana Haughton

by Brittany from Charlotte, North Carolina

My ideal hero is someone who can make a difference in the world with her music, art, or even personality. A hero can stand up for what she believes in regardless of the consequences. A hero can be someone you look up to. Heroes can range from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Juelz Santana.

My hero is Aaliyah because she always believed in herself and she never gave up on anything. She did what she had to do to be a success.

She is a hero to me because I want to be something in life, and believe in myself and finish high school and get my diploma and always keep my head up. I always believed in Aaliyah. She went to college and developed a singing career and she wanted to be an actor. That is what she did and she got her singing contracts and she got her acting career and she went on in life and made movies and she made music videos.

She influenced my life by telling young children that they could do anything if they put they minds to it. She always wanted to see people with a smile on their faces and if you didn’t have a smile on your face, she would say something to make you laugh to get a smile on your face. She always wanted to help people with their homework, and every time she was with a child or saw one or gave anyone an autograph, she would tell them to finish high school and get their diplomas and go to college. So that’s how she affected my life.

Aaliyah made me a better person by saying that if you don’t get your education, something bad can happen to you, and if you hang out with the wrong crowd, something bad can happen to you. She showed me that if you start off bad, you can end up good and do something good with your life. I do want to change my life around and finish high school and get my diploma. I don’t want to end up like the girls in jail or end up with a baby I can’t take care of at a young age. So that’s how she made me a better person.

Aaliyah's major accomplishments were that she did right in school and that she finished high school and got her diploma and went to college. She didn't end up with any children when she was in high school or in college because she didn’t want to take care of any children while she was trying to make it through life because if she had a baby or dropped out, her whole career would have been over and she didn’t want that. She also wanted to be a teacher when she got older, but she wanted to do singing first. But she never got a chance to become a teacher someday because she passed away at a young age due to an accident.

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