by Enrico DeLuca from Cincinnati

Aaron Kohler  (
Aaron Kohler (

Aaron Kohler saved a Middletown deputy from a killer reaching for her gun. Estell Wayne Buck might have killed the deputy if Aaron would have not saved her.

A while back Estell Wayne Buck was charged with aggravated murder at traders world flee market in monroe. That time there was no hero, but this time there sure was and good won over evil.

I feel that Arron Kohler is really a hero on the spot because just as he was walking by the crime, he came to the rescue; this would make him a hero on the spot. I feel that if I would have been in his spot I would have trouble making the right decision.

T.S. Barron’s the hero's trail states that a hero on the spot is someone who may just be a passerby and they see something bad happening and hey see something happening like a guy stealing something for someone and you were to stop the criminal. Then you would be a hero on the spot.

So this is why I would consider Aaron Kohler as a truly a hero and not just someone who did something good. I got my information from

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