Abdul Sattar Edhi / Aga Khan School Garden

by Mahak Munir Widhani from Karachi in Pakistan

Generosity is the word that best suits you the most,

You were generous to those who needed you the most.


Words are inadequate to express your passion to save lives,

You made the environment safe for those who weren't able to save their own lives.


Women, men, children, blacks, and whites are thankful for your kindness,

You raised your voice for those who needed your support and kindness.


People who were dedicated to erase the name and mark of peace,

You have been fighting and supporting to keep the name and mark of peace.


People should learn capability of patience, helping and courageous behavior from you,

You are the one who always have feeling for others, that’s true.


Raising the voice for equality, for peace or for environment protection,

You had taken incredible initiative to change people reaction.


All creatures are thankful of you,

Hey Abdul, we love you.


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