Abigail Adams

by Casey Bier from Casey's home

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Abigail Adams was the very first First Lady. She was strong about the rights for ladies and about education for everyone, not just people who live in rich places. She was strong and fought for what she believed in.

Her childhood was not the best childhood. She lived in a very horrible place with a lot of wars that many people thought were necessary but really were not at all.

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Her husband a very kind man that was the second president, but at the time when Abigail was fairly young, it was George Washington. But when both of them got older, John Adams became president. 

Her children were super kind and nice just like her. When all three of them were born, they had themselves one big happy family. 

Her life with children was awesome, at least she thought. Unfortunately one day when Abigail and John were not home, their youngest son died from drinking.

139735John Quincy AdamsJohn Singleton Copley / Public domain

Her son being president was not the best idea, she thought, but soon after some people convinced her of letting him try. She said fine, he can try and run for president. So he did and won and he became the sixth president of the United States of America. 

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