Abraham Reyes Castro

by Lilian Mar from Madero in Mexico

My Hero/Teacher Abraham

Everything that surrounds us should be treated with love, said my teacher Abraham. He's a veterinarian with almost 41 years of experience. My teacher at the veterinarian school always teaching us (my classmates and me) how to treat life and become a better person, chasing your goals and making them true. It is important to have a teacher that teaches you the importance of life, not only the topic for the next class or for the exam, because humanity is missing out and we need it. For me, a teacher is not the one who only explains the class to you, but that also teaches you to do things with love and passion, you can trust to ask him anything and he advises you, the one who teaches you the possible mistakes and how to avoid them.

A teacher in general is not just a support person but a great treasure of experiences and teachings, which the student acquires as the school year progresses. A teacher teaches you not to give up on any circumstances and that it matters most to learn from mistakes. From little ones accompanying us in learning, from learning to count, to having a professional career carried out with a high knowledge--without teachers there would be no education as such, there would be no future for young people who want to succeed and achieve great things in their future. Thank you teachers for providing your time and dedication to the teaching process, but mostly thanks to my hero, Abraham. 

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