Ada Lovelace

by Wania from Pakistan

Everybody has his or her ideal person in one way or another. When most people talk about whom they admire the most, it’s usually a person when they hold in fallacious consideration and most quotidian someone in the allurement of publics vision. Without reason whose approbation is unwarranted. Then again, it’s all about their own perspective but for me it means something wholly different. The person that I commend the most is not the spotlight of the world’s glare, who is Ada Lovelace.  

Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer, who was a girl. My childhood dream was to become was a computer programmer; however, becoming girl software engineer was considered infamy. But, Ada changed the point of view of our society by protruding and pursuing her dreams. This quality of hers, inspires me in the bulk. She is the amalgamation of beauty, brains, and confidence. In spite the fact that the computer “Analytical engine” that she designed the programs for wasn’t manufactured. She was also the first person to recommend that computer could be more than just an oversized calculator.

Ascribable to her, I have gained up the trait of giving importance to continuous  learning. As Ada Lovelace had the access to tutors and was engrossed in a curriculum that was abundant in all the important subjects(science, mathematics , logics etc). Throughout her life, Ada continued investing in her intellectual evolution.

As you don't know of, Ada Lovelace was a collaborative person. The vital importance of collaboration should come as no surprise to those in software teams. Teams that have strong bonds of collaboration see more knowledge- sharing, innovation, and growth. Just like partnership between Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage.

All of these attributes has made me a new person after acquiring them. She is th cause of building a better personality inside me. It’s shocking to know that this inspiring personality isn’t in the public eyes. She is catalogue of wisdom, hardworking and patience. This is the reason she is My Hero .

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