Finding your hero is like finding a little piece of yourself, or the self you want to be.

MY HERO Webquest for English as a Second Language Learners

Teacher Kristan Taylor from the Universidad Autonoma Del Estado de Mexico gives us this lesson designed for ESL students, intended for younger children but adaptable for high school.  Although most students are able to explore websites in their native language, it's a challenging task for English Language Learners. A Webquest has been a common tool in many ESL classrooms. It is designed to walk students through the process of exploring a website in English with the purpose of preparing them for future Internet research projects.

365 Days of Heroes Calendar
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Every day a new hero is celebrated on our yearly calendar.  Use this as a simple way to dip into the concept of heroism, to generate a quick write, or to lead in to any of the character education or social/emotional learning ideas.

Have a hero to suggest we add?  We'd love to hear from you.

Other quick ways to use MY HERO resources include having students sign the Guestbook, or contribute to The Forum.

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Discuss Concept of Heroism in the MY HERO Forum
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Audio readings of MY HERO stories are especially useful for ESL (English as a Second Language) students, letting them listen and follow along with the written story. 

Hearing stories read aloud also can be used in general education classes to vary content presentation. 

Encourage students to create and share their own essays, art, music or short films with our global learning community.

Extending MY HERO stories to the visually impaired community also can be a good student project.  Let us know if you'd like your students to contribute by reading a hero story they publish.

MY HERO Listen and Read Along Stories
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MY HERO TUTORIALS found in the Teacher's Room can help you with every stage of using MY HERO with your students.

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